EEIC Courses Spring 2014


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Spring Semester 2014

        ENGR           First-Year Engineering Courses
1181  Fundamentals of Engineering I
1182  Fundamentals of Engineering II
1182 nano  Fundamentals of Engineering II - Nanotechnology
1186  Fundamentals of Engineering for Transfer - CAD
1187  Fundamentals of Engineering for Transfer - MATLAB
1188  Fundamentals of Engineering for Transfer - Problem Solving and Design
  ENGR    Seminars
4891-10  Seminar on Sustainability    
4891-20  Seminar on Creativity and Innovation
    ENGR       Service-Learning
4692  Service-Learning in Engineering - Montaña de Luz
4692  Service-Learning in Engineering - Choluteca
4692  Service-Learning in Engineering - India
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First Year Engineering Courses

Build wind turbines, advanced energy vehicles, nanotechnology devices and robots in our Fundamentals of Engineering courses.